Deadline for Submission is April 30, 2019
The Ferree Foundation considers grant requests for specific projects, endowments, and occasionally general operations.  Grants are only made to organizations that are tax exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  The foundation does not make grants to individuals, nor does it make loans.
No more than one grant request per year should be submitted for any given project.  The foundation has no formal application form.
                         Letters of Inquiry
The first step is to submit a Letter of Inquiry.  The letter should include the following:
   1. Be no more than one page in length
   2. The grantseekers mission
   3. A brief description of the proposed program/project
   4. The dollar amount requested
Once the Letter of Inquiry is received and reviewed, the grantseeker will receive either a formal invite  to apply or a denial within 30 days.
Grant Applications are reviewed and considered at board meetings that usually take place twice a year, in June and December.  Only completed applications will be reviewed.
Applicants will be notified by mail of the status of their request within two weeks of the board meeting
I've received a formal invite, what's the next step?


Submit an application that contains the following:


   1. A cover letter

   2. A narrative that cleary and fully explains-

       * The organization's history and background

       * Description of the proposed project; goals and          objectives

       * Evidence that supports the need for funding

       * Description of how funds will be used

       * Other funding sources, if any


   3. A copy of the IRS exemption lettter

   4. Projected budget for the program/project

   5. A list of Board Directors

   6. Most recent financial statement

       Completed applications should be                        submitted by May 15th or November 15th




           Completed Applications should be sent to:
                           Philip L. Calhoun
                           Executive Director
                           Ferree Foundation
                           229 N. Duke Street                                                    Lancaster, PA 17602

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